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Strategy for getting traffic from Reddit

Strategy for getting traffic from Reddit

Reddit traffic
If you are engaged in complex website promotion, link building, or “guerrilla
marketing” for English-language projects, I recommend paying attention to the
social network as a source of high-quality referral traffic.
This strategy will be especially useful for news and entertainment projects in
the English language. However, it can serve as a channel for the diversity of
link mass and a source of referral traffic for other niches.
Today I will talk about the algorithm of actions for receiving traffic from the
social network Reddit.
1. User registration
Oddly enough, Reddit has a very simple way to register: just enter your
username and password, and e-mail is optional.
A new account will be useless in promotion, you need an account with karma
from 100 (comments) and age of 1 month, this is enough for promotion in
most subreddits, for top subreddits you will need 500 comment karma.
Creating such accounts can take a lot of time, so it makes sense to buy them,
we used the accounts of the company
2. Profile development
There are 2 strategies for developing profiles depending on your goals:
● “newbie” The goal is to try to collect traffic one-time or to practice.
There are no drawbacks since, with the right choice of topic and time of
posting, it is possible to get as much traffic as from an authoritative
profile. Age and credibility of the account have virtually no influence on
this social network. Much more important is your help to users and full
coverage of the question.
● “authority” Your goal is to build authority in a niche. The main drawback
is that if you constantly mention only your product or service, wait for
the account ban. For the account to be alive, it will be necessary to put
significant time costs for natural communication on the network.
Summing up, we can conclude that since the likelihood of obtaining referral
traffic is not affected by either age or authority or the simplicity of creating
new profiles, the “newbie” is the optimal strategy for developing a profile.
3. Where one can get traffic
Reddit is built in such a way that each category has subscribers, and the larger
their number, the more likely it is to receive a large amount of traffic. The
other side of the coin is that more popular categories are updated more often,
and the chance that your topic or comments get lost among them is much
higher. In smaller niche categories, the probability of receiving small portions
of traffic is higher during 1-4 months. Whereas in large categories the lifetime
of the topic or comment is from 2 hours to 1-2 days (at best).
Here is a link to a list of top categories on Reddit by a number of subscribers.
There are two ways to get traffic:
● Create a topic. I advise you to do a non-advertising topic that will
highlight the issue relevant to this category, and a link or a set of links to
complement or clarify the topic.
● Leave a useful comment. It is necessary to provide a comprehensive
answer that covers the question from all sides, and the links should be
positioned as an addition to a deeper study of the topic.
4. How to get traffic?
To get the best efficiency you need:
● find the category that suits best the theme of the promoted resource;
● comment on current topics using the search for the keyword you are
interested in;
● create your own theme;
● receive “upvotes” and rise to the top directory. It is important to get the
post higher in the hot section, for this, you need to get from 10 to 100
upvotes depending on the size of the subreddits, you can use your own
account farm, buy upvote at or rent a bot at
● respond to incoming comments.
To summarize
The quality of your question or answer is the main indicator that affects its
popularity (other users vote for or against) and accordingly, it also affects the
probability of receiving traffic.
Therefore, do not spam and give useful answers to users. These actions
almost guarantee the coming of traffic to your website.
The results of a practical experiment:
Short-term – more than 1800 transitions per day
Long-term – 25-50 transitions per day in September (the experiment was
conducted in January 2014)
About 10-15 topics were posted and 1 of them got to the main page for a day.
Here are 2 bonuses for those who have read to the end:
● often the established links in this social network become dofollow after
gaining a certain number of votes;
● you can easily be inspired by the topic for writing new blog articles.
If anyone has questions about working with Reddit, I will be happy to discuss
them in the comments.