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Buy Valgu-correct at a low price. Prices, reviews. Order Valgu-correct right now!

Buy Valgu-correct at a low price. Prices, reviews. Order Valgu-correct right now!

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Remedy №1 for hallux valgus treatment

  • Prevents callus
  • Eliminates pain and discomfort whilst walking
  • No footwear requirements

“The correct position of the foot is essential for the posture. During my working years I faced with different methods of bunion treatment. My patients like Valgu-correct, which is effctive even for neglected deformity of the interphalangeal joint of the big toe.” Professor Daniel Parker

What stage of the disease should be treated with Valgu-correct?

  • Normal foot shape
  • Early stage
  • Severe deformity

According to the clinical trials, Valgu-correct can be applied at any stage.

Main advantages of Valgu-correct

  • Tight
  • Looks elegant whilst wearing sandals or other shoes
  • Elastic fabric
  • Highly protects the skin from rubbing, callus and rough skin
  • Non-alergic fabric
  • Is made from flax and hemp
  • Correct position of the toes
  • Helps position the toes and feet the way nature intended

How does Valgu-correct treat the bunion?

Carefully corrects a foot deformity

Special incut keeps the big toe in a correct position without moving whilst walking

Prevents tightening of the feet and bunion development

Unique properties of bioactive transdermal concentrate normalize physiological position of the big toe

What is a toe bunion?

Hallux valgus (a bunion) is a deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot. The big toe often bends towards the other toes. It can be developed due to muscle and tendon disorders.

Bunions are commonly associated with a deviated position of the big toe toward the second toe, and the deviation in the angle between the first and second metatarsal bones of the foot. The small sesamoid bones found beneath the first metatarsal may also become deviated over time as the first metatarsal bone drifts away from its normal position. Thus, the bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe.

The condition can lead to painful motion of the joint and shoe wear difficulty. Complications may include bursitis is the inflammation of the bursae of synovial fluid in the body. Moreover, constant pressure influences the changes of the bone, so it can cause swelling, excessive sensitivity and pain.

Wrong position and angle of the big toe tend to premature wear out of the basal joint, cartilage damage and growth of bony lumps on the side of the feet.


“Within a few weeks after using Valgu-correct, my patients emphasize that it helps to relieve pressure between the first and second metatarsal bones of the foot and pressure on a corn. Valgu-correct prevents irritating the bunion, eliminates discomfort and then can improve improve joint health.”

The candidate of medical sciences

Chief of the orthopaedic department of ”Profmedservis”, London

Mr. Smith

Bunion causes

  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. Overly tight shoes with high heels
  3. Flat feet
  4. Nerve injury (paralytic deformity)

What you can heal with Valgu-correct:

! – The big toe deformity

! – Red skin, bunion, calluses, bursitis (inflammation that affects the joints)

! – Longitudinal and transverse platypodia

! – Flat valgus foot

! – Pain while walking

+ – Because it prevents further joint deformity

+ – Because it lowers pressure on foot and prevents joint rubbing

+ – Because it prevents wrong joint positions

+ – Because it prevents excessive foot loading

+ – Because it relieves discomfort while walking

How to use Valgu-correct?

  1. Put it on
  2. Realign your big toe with velcro
  3. Take it off while taking shower or resting
  4. Wear it daily until complete correction of valgus deformity

Valgu-correct is discreet enough to be worn with any foorwear

Valgu-correct is designed for daily usage with any shoes. Special shape which tightly covers the foot makes the splint invisible. The fabric of Valgu-correct is so elastic that there is no risk to hurt your fingers. You can treat the bunion every day while doing your favorite things!

Reviews of people who used Valgu-correct

Joanne, 35 y.o., Bolton

Since my childhood I was suffering from the flat feet. Last year I had to stop wearing heels because of bunion((( I was so terrified of seeing these big bunions on my feet and since that time there was no peace for me. My friend recommended Valgu-correct to me. It`s a good quality splint, which doesn`t rub the skin and the results after its wearing are amazing. Within a month the deformity of my joint was corrected and I got rid of pain. Now I wear high heels with pleasure but not every day, of course)))

Catherine, 45 y.o., Liverpool        

I had been suffering from the bunion for more than 7 years. I`ve learnt from my own experience that madication is useless in such case. The best results I got after wearing Valgu-correct. It`s very easy to use, the splint fixates the big toe and relieves pressure on the foot when walking and, moreover, there is no discomfort in shoes. After 3 weeks I got rid of rubbing the skin and its consequences. You can see the results in the picture, Valgu-correct is my treasure!

Kelly, 48 y.o., Stafford

Half a year ago I noticed the bunion on my right foot. i think I`ve tried everything possible: massage, physiotherapy, awful foot bandages and straighteners, seeing lots doctors – nothing has helped. but the situation was changed whe I found out about Valgu-correct. Comparing treatment courses costs to Valgu-correct, the last one is for free and results are seen within 2 weeks. it HELPS!!! It`s easy and comfy to use. I never saw better orthotic product than that!